Experiences not experiments.

In property consulting industry, we go extra mile by including in-house mortgage services which ease buyer’s efforts of securing their dream home.

It is natural for customers to expect special treatments for their investments and this is exactly what we aim to achieve at Premier Plus. We ensure that high-level services are provided at all times as we plan to exceed the standard set by leading developers continuously.

Our Team of Professionals

Our professional experienced team  provide a leading integrated global advisory service to ensure that our clients have the most up to date advice and guidance in a fast market place. At Premier Plus, we pride ourselves in our ability to build long-term relationships, allowing us to provide personalized, clear and considered property advice.

  1. Guidance

    As one of the most respected property consultant in Malaysia market , Premier Plus Property provides professional advice and guidance for clients, buyers and investors who are  looking for potential properties in Johor on all aspects.

  2. Experience

    By deliver a sustainable business, our consultancy provides an essential competitive edge for clients on quality residential, non-residential properties and commercial properties among the vibrant and fast paced of Johor market.

  3. Support

    We offer a wide range of services related to Johor properties for clients who seek for support which may fall outside of the scope of our core services, to ensure that we deliver products and services of unrivalled quality and value to our customers.

  4. Mortgage Consultancy Service

    We provide mortgage consultancy to clients who have interest in acquiring property through us, providing solutions for our clients to lessen their hassle and to expedite their loan process.

Premier Plus Property Provide The Best Product Consultant To Our Client
Premier Plus Property Provide The Best Product Consultant To Our Client