Finance Manager

Ms. Joey was appointed as Finance Manager of Premier Plus in April 2016. She has gained 12 years of experience as Finance and Account Manager in Twin Metal Services Centre Sdn. Bhd.

She graduated from Asia e University Kuala Lumpur with Executive Master in Business Management and with a Certification of Internal Quality Auditing (ISO 9001:2008).

She started her career in public accounting and later joined the private sector where she held various positions such as an Assistant Account, Senior Accountant, and Finance Manager. In the past, Ms. Joey has been trained as a consultant for a number of companies in various industries. She has successfully helped several companies to convert their losses into profits systematically and effectively.

Her career achievements include assisting numerous companies in acquiring new financing sources, providing projections and budgets for banks and assisting in improving internal financial reporting. Additionally, Ms. Joey has also assisted many of her peers in achieving their targets and improving company’s financial position successfully in the past. Ms. Joey has also lectured management and cost accounting subjects at a local college specialised in professional accounting courses.